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Advice on Writing a Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking essays are important assignments that require time, dedication and a deep thought process. These essays are of an advanced level and demand the writer to delve deeper into the topic under consideration. Though these critical thinking essays can be intimidating, they are not that difficult if you are prepared. Through this article, we’ll provide you with invaluable advice that will help you write a winning critical thinking essay.


First and foremost, keep a positive mindset. If you want to be successful with your writing, you must have a positive approach and must look forward to it. If you feel stressed or pressurized before you even start writing, you’re only going to feel worse as you proceed. Therefore, get all negativity out of the way and focus on making the task an enjoyable one. Is there anything that can help get your creative juices flowing? Do what floats your boat to ensure that you are ready to take on the task feeling enthusiastic and confident.


The next step is checking to see if you have all the basics needed to complete your critical thinking essay effectively. You should have:





    Laptop or desktop PC

    Reliable broadband connection

    Quiet place to work

    Critical thinking essay guidelines


You will need to concentrate, and there will be a lot of thinking involved, therefore keep a bottle of water and some fruit with you. These will satisfy your hunger cravings, and you can have a nice little break to refresh your mind.


Writing your essay


Unlike research papers, essays are shorter pieces of writing. Although critical thinking demands that you dig deeper into the topic, you must be able to explain your findings concisely and clearly. Think of your critical thinking essay as a debate. You need to get your message across, and you need to convince your audience to form a judgment that is based on yours. You will start with an introduction to the topic and then discuss key aspects of the topic. You will give evidence of the claims that you make thereby increasing the votes in your favor. In the end, you will need to wrap up by reviewing your topic and how you effectively addressed it. 

Writing your critical thinking essay will be similar. Start by introducing your topic and giving a brief background of it. Then for the body of the essay, focus on explaining the key points and backing them with substantial information. Once you’ve addressed all key aspects of the topic, you can conclude your essay with concluding lines that will leave a lasting impression. Your critical thinking essay should leave no room for questions, curiosities or doubts. Therefore, it is important that you spend time conducting your research, so there is enough evidence to support your writing.


While it is okay to write your critical thinking essay in the third person, it is better to add a bit of personality to your writing style. Critical thinking essays revolve around the writers being able to convince the readers. Therefore your critical thinking essay should not sound too professional or boring. Don’t deviate from the topic but allow your reader to enjoy your writing style. Your tone should keep the reader engaged and focused.


You want to make sure that your critical thinking essay has a catchy introduction that will instantly grab your reader’s attention. The body of the essay should focus on explaining the key aspects of the topic under consideration. Make sure that you back your points with information from reliable sources. When you conclude your essay, you must summarize the key points and should refer to the main topic and explain how you effectively addressed it. Your reader should be left feeling convinced. Don’t forget to review and proofread your work and that’s it, you’re all set to impress!